Work from home sounded like a cool idea during the start of the pandemic. It meant cutting of commuting time, spending more time with family, working flexibility, ability to attend a meeting in a track-suit. As we moved on, people were stressed due to pandemics taking a toll on lives or the inability to cope up with stress. Most of us couldn’t seem to draw the line between home and work.

During the blurred line, most of us have conditioned our brains to avoid negative or unwanted confrontations which have led to procrastination. Work from home has tested our self-discipline…

Does India need laws to reform content on social media platforms?

Recently I have come across the fact that Norway will be making amendments to its law and will make it illegal to post altered images without declaring them. Norway believes social media sites can have a detrimental effect on youth if not controlled. The step is taken amidst the current environment of social media causing unrealistic beauty standards and low-esteem in many. It is a much-required and bold move from Norway.

This brings us to the debate that with the coming age of dominant technology around us, which although…

Damini Bansal

Mum of 1 year old, thoughtful writer

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